NEW!  Achieving Career Engagement

SCIPS is proud to announce the ACE+ program, Achieving Career Engagement is now on offer to all ages, from 16 years old.

Do you need support as you return to the workforce or look to changing your current employment status?

If so, ACE+ is now available to you as a means of improving your employability, whilst building your language, literacy, numeracy and digital acumen skills through a supportive, program that is offered at NO COST TO YOU!

We have worked with people of all ages to build their support networks, confidence and connectivity to their local community as they return to work or look to 'changing up' their employment role and goals.

So what is ACE+?  We work with you one on one and in small groups to build your capability skill set, link you with industry mentors and progress you towards your job and career goals.  Returning to work or looking to explore other options can be very difficult at times. The SCIPS team is funded through the Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative to work with you to gain an employability ready skill set based on:

  • Personal Attributes
  • Proactive Social Behaviours
  • Communication and Customer Focus
  • Collaboration and Creativity
  • Supportive Work Engagement
  • Employability Mentorship
  • Cultural Awareness and 
  • Digital Acumen

Contact Chris (0434 579 044) or Tyne (0478 768 621) for more information about how we can create positive outcomes for you and your networks.