How To Get That Job … And Keep it!

Employment provides you with the satisfaction of earning money, the opportunity for greater independence and increased self-esteem.

It’s your future – Consider your options.

  • Apprenticeship or Traineeship
  • Full time or Part time work
  • Further study
  • Gap Year

Finding a job can be a pretty daunting prospect when you’re new to the job market. A well-equipped toolbox can help make job hunting easier.

What will you need for your toolbox?

  • Resume – Go beyond the standard resume and get noticed
  • Cover letter – Use it as your key marketing tool to get employers interested in you
  • Interview skills – Practice, Prepare and Follow up
  • Social media – A key player in the modern job search process, use it to your advantage
  • Employability skills – These skills are important in gaining and maintaining employment
  • Your youthful potential – “If I hire this person what will they bring to the job?”


What employers really want

Top 3 things employers Dislike
  • When applicants arrive late for their interview
  • When applicants dress inappropriately
  • When applicants are unprepared to answer predictable questions
Top 3 things Employers Like
  • That you understand the latest technology
  • You can multi-task
  • Have high energy levels, a can-do attitude, and looking for fresh challenges

Extra stuff

Be proactive and find out:
  • How to ace your first day on the job – Be prepared to make a great impression
  • Where the Hot jobs are – Research where the jobs of the future will be
  • How to find the hidden jobs – Around 50% of jobs are not advertised.

The best way to face the future is with a positive attitude and a determination to do whatever it takes – Don’t be afraid to show off your potential.

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