School Based Apprenticeships

What is an Australian School-based Apprenticeship?

School Based Apprenticeships

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  • paid work
  • a training course
  • and the school curriculum


  • work one day a week (50 paid days p.a.)
  • a student to successfully gain competence in a trade or industry area
  • a nationally recognised certificate from the Government and a Statement of Attainment from the Training Provider listing competencies achieved both on-the-job and off-the-job.

Implications for students

  • students have the opportunity to receive a Queensland Certificate of Education at the end of year 12
  • students have the opportunity to commence a traineeship or apprenticeship in their preferred industry area whilst remaining at school
  • students attend work one day per week and for some days during the holidays
  • students attend school 4 days per week
  • the training component is often delivered on-the-job and some training may be able to be done at school or in blocks at a Training College.
  • the training costs whilst a secondary student are met by the Government
  • a school-based wage is paid by the employer for the time spent on the job
  • there is a probationary period of 30 days for a traineeship and 90 days for an apprenticeship
  • Students may earn up to $6000 per annum before Youth Allowance entitlements are affected.

What it means for Schools

  • Increased options for students by broadening the pathways for transition from school.
  • The partnership between schools and employers enhances both employment and education opportunities for young people
  • Students are able to complete their Queensland Certificate of Education as well as complete employable competencies
  • Student-learning becomes hands-on and linked directly to industry, giving them greater enthusiasm and motivation
  • Schools will receive seed funding after the completion of the probation through their Education Department.

Implications for Employers

  • The Certificate is completed only when both on-the-job competencies and off-the-job training has been completed. Should a student not complete the traineeship/apprenticeship by the last day of yr 12 the employer must pay for time spent both in productive work and in training on either a full-time or part-time basis, until the contract is finalised.
  • Employers may be entitled to receive a Commonwealth Government incentive
  • There are no advertising costs associated with finding the apprentice/trainee
  • Employers have the opportunity to trial a student first through a Work Placement.
  • There is a probationary period of 30 days for a traineeship and 90 days for an apprenticeship
  • Students undertake off-the-job training in school time, not in the employer’s time
  • The training associated with the apprenticeship or traineeship is paid for by the Government whilst the student is at school
  • Employers pay students a school-based wage, only for time spent on-the-job.
  • Extra incentives are available for some apprenticeship groups

The procedure for taking on a school-based trainee

  • Student and employer meet for a day’s work experience to confirm both parties are happy with the working arrangement.
  • SCIPS Coordinator will visit the employer and discuss the traineeship arrangements and responsibilities of all parties. SCIPS Coordinator will also discuss the responsibilities with the school, the parents and SRTO and clarify any queries.
  • Employer to make a decision on which SRTO will deliver the training to the trainee, as well as assess the appropriate level of the traineeship.
  • SCIPS Coordinator to coordinate the time and place of the signing of the Training Agreement with the Australian Apprenticeship Centre, employer, guardians, trainee, SRTO and school.
  • The employer is responsible for ringing Fair Work Australia to check the wage and conditions for the trainee, and to have the Business Name and ABN particulars ready for the signing of the Agreement.
  • The trainee is released from school one day a week and will be released to do some block training as negotiated with the school or during school holidays. Employers do not pay the trainee when he/she is at training. As a school-based trainee, the trainee is paid only for the time worked, which can include school holidays.
  • At the end of the probation, the Australian Apprenticeship Centre will send the application to the employer to apply for the Federal Incentive funding.

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