SCIPS could not operate without the civic altruism of our employers. Our colleagues in industry provide a safe workplace, time, and staff supervision of students. We acknowledge the outstanding contributions of all our employers.

What can employers expect by linking with SCIPS?

  • A one-stop-shop to negotiate details
  • Support throughout Work Placements, Australian School-based Apprenticeships, recruitment of young school leavers
  • A student who is interested in the industry and contemplating employment
  • Students who study subjects which prepares them to work in your industry
  • Students who may be available as a future employee
  • A partnership with schools to link Industry standards to the curriculum
  • Tours, visits and excursions
  • Guest speakers and demonstrations
  • Student mentoring, role modelling and interview training
  • Career displays and mobile exhibits
  • Teacher currency programs
  • Part time work opportunities, work placement, work and career shadowing
  • Student research and enterprise projects
  • Forums, councils, seminars, conferences, summer schools, teacher or student industry and business seminar

Attracting Young People to your Industry

Today’s students are mostly immune to the media chatter and glossy brochures. Taking a student for a Work Placement with your organisation can be the beginning of a viral marketing campaign for your company.

High quality work placements should be cost neutral to the business, including your supervision time.

How it can work for you

  • SCIPS will match a student who is actually studying a course related to your industry, so they can contribute.
  • You get to structure an exciting week of duties and rotate staff responsibilities to groom your future supervisors.
  • You create a possible list of suitable tasks and real work they can feel proud of achieving.
  • On day one you provide a welcome and thorough induction, just like a real employee.
  • You schedule a little time each day to have real conversations with the student about the day’s work, their career goals and how they can best get there.
  • Once you have a program in place you can look forward to taking a different student each term, which provides you with the opportunity to trial several students which can contribute to your strategic employment plan.

If you excite just one impressed student per term you will light a wildfire of community goodwill. Try doing that with a glossy brochure or DVD! Contrast this with a hit and miss approach to work experience and you can see why winning employers speak with SCIPS to help tailor a Work Placement program for them.